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Higher Standards and Less Fuckboys

“It’s not you, it’s me...I have higher standards now.”

Fuckboys can fuck off. 

Those days of tolerating fuckboys, fuckgirls, or any human with hella fuckery over over. The ones who leave you on ‘read’ for days, send a random text at 11pm for a hookup, and don't even have the decency to make you coffee the morning after not making you climax, are done! Kick those fuckers to the curb and get ready for a real one who knows exactly how to treat you. 

If you’re new to the dating game after dealing with numerous fuckboy energy, you may find that your tolerance for bullshit, is quite low. As frustrating as this may feel in the moment, this is a blessing! Having higher standards now, is only going to benefit you in your pursuit to attract more quality people, in the future.

Some say that having too high of standards can make dating more difficult, but what exactly is that teaching us on how to view ourselves with respect to any relationship?

Relationships are fun and exciting, but certainly not necessary.  And because they are a choice, it shouldn’t have to be a limiting choice of tolerating a number of humans who are not deserving of your worth. 

Knowing your worth is a powerful fucking tool!  Not only does this apply to amplifying your love and sex life, but with jobs and promotions too.  Stick up for yourself, and put your foot down when someone thinks they can walk all over you. 

Believe me, if you demand respect, people will give it to you.  

Here are some things to remember the next time you feel a fuckboy or anyone else isn’t meeting your expectations:

- Not everyone values your time the way that you do, so it’s important to stand your ground and speak up when you think it time to leave a situation. 

- Respect is a given, but trust is earned. 

- When someone shows you their true colors, say thank you and move on. 

- Sometimes having a big heart comes with an even bigger heartache when people take advantage of you. It is okay to create boundaries with people who have not earned the right to your heart, and especially okay to leave those who hurt you, entirely. 

- A person with standards and goals attract those with similar standards and goals.  Try not to give up. 

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