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How To Clean Your Knives

You would think with anything knife related, cleaning it would come easy to any beginner. But many new knife carriers tend to find themselves in a rust of trouble after a few short months of buying them.  Well Blade for Babes has got you covered for all things Knife Care

For starters, it is important to keep in mind the type and style of knife that you own as cleaning protocols may be different. For the most part however, knives are relatively the same and require minimal maintenance, if you know what you’re doing.

Fixed Knives

First rule of proper knife care is to always carry a piece of cloth with you when carrying it around. Knives are notorious for rust (yes, even stainless steel, believe it or not) and you want it in tip top shape for when you need them. Get into the habit of wiping off your knife after each use and ensuring its dryness before putting them away into their sheath or safety box.  

When it comes to cleaning your knife it is best to do so as frequently as you use it. Soap and water will do well with cleaning the knife after most uses, but for more stubborn stains, the blade may require a harsher scrubber or even a small dab of sanitizer to rub it away. Remember, always wipe the blade on a hard surface for it to rest on, moving in a downward motion, to prevent accidental injuries. 

Folded Knives 

Similar to its fixed blade cousin, these blades require the same cleaning technique with soap and water, or even sanitizer for tougher debris. It’s main difference lies beneath the handle where a lot of dirt and dust can get trapped in the nooks and hinge.  

With handling a folded knife it is best to wear rubber gloves as a precaution. To clean in and around the handle, it is useful to utilize an air pressure can or Q-tips to get out any hidden dirt. Doing this will aid in preventing rust and stiffness for future uses. 

In addition to being mindful of any hidden muck, you’ll also want to oil the knife every couple of months to ensure optimal motion opening and closing. 

Knife ownership comes with more responsibility than just safety. Never underestimate how proper cleaning routines can save you future hassle and a fortune overtime.

How often do you clean your blades?  

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