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Car Safety Tips

It’s a sad thing to have to write on such topics, but let’s face it, the world is just not safe.  There are so many horrifying stories of assault and kidnapping all over the globe, so for this, Blades For Babes, wants to shed some light on various safety procedures you can take for peace of mind.  

The majority have probably had the concern when walking solo to their car to rush inside, lock the doors and check the backseat for intruders. It is very common and honestly a good thing to do, but let's take this one step further to ease the anxiety even more. 

Tip #1: Check under your car before approaching 

Sometimes there are people who will purposefully hide under your car to wait until you approach, and then either grab you or cut your ankle so you can't run away.  With this in mind it never hurts to do a little check underneath from a good distance away, especially when in a crowded parking lot.  

Tip #2: Unless it's a parking ticket, do not stop for what lays on your windshield

Another tactic of kidnappers is to use the commonplace distraction of having you grab whatever is placed on top of your windshield, read it in place confused, and then snatch you.  It’s one thing if a parking ticket has been stuffed under the windshield wiper, but honestly it may not be worth grabbing just in that second.  Perhaps choose to drive away to a nearby safe location before investigating what paper lies on top.  Remember, no letter is more important than your safety at that moment. 

Tip #3: Once you’re in your car, don’t dally, just drive

Obviously do this with caution and never drive away suddenly, like the characters from Fast and Furious. Women are more often to stop and check their phones or even scroll social media once getting into their vehicles before driving off, than men. For this reason it is so important to recognize the safety component and get to your destination as promptly as you can, before letting your guard down.  Predators know to wait for these moments and will not hesitate to strike your tires or worse, break through your door to get to you.  

Tip #4: Keep your auto self defense weapon close by your drivers seat

Whether it is a baton, pepper spray, defense knife or any other licensed weapon, it is important when deciding where to keep it handy, to be sure it is close to your seat.  When approached with a dangerous situation, if you sit in the driver's seat and your weapon is in the back seat or trunk, you will be shit out of luck; versus having it hidden under the seat or in a glove box, ready for when you need it.  

These tips are great for beginners to driving and even solo travelers who may be far from family or friends. Remember to use good judgement and to listen to your intuition if something feels off (typically, it’s always right). 

Stay Safe Blade Babes 


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