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Self Defense That Suits You

When deciding whether or not to choose a fixed blade, folding blade, throwing knife, or even baton,you want to be as practical and cautious with your decision, as the style of weapon may vary based on your experience and lifestyle.

Fixed Blade versus Folded Blade 

A fixed knife is just as it sounds; it is fixed in place and requires a holder to protect you, the carrier; while a folded blade is a knife that folds down into its designated socket. 

Many people tend to fancy the folded blade because it is easily concealable and relatively safe to have when walking around (if you have a sheath). It can fit inside of a purse or possibly even a pair of jean pockets. The downside usually comes down to needing to open it quickly in a self defense situation, making it more challenging to access in the moment. However, many people tend to prefer them over fixed knives if they have young children, as it is less accessible and harder to open than the latter. 

As for the fixed knife, it is larger and longer in size than its folded counterpart, and will not likely fit inside of a person's rear pocket with such ease or comfort. They are simple enough to use, just as the folded knife, and provide many options of variety with its blade styles. These are great defense knives to keep in your car or purse if the unfortunate scenario were to present itself that you needed one. In addition, you would have to remove it from its sheath which may be less than ideal inthe moment, but nevertheless will be effective straight away in protecting yourself. 

Throwing Knives

*Major disclaimer, these knives are not to be taken lightly as they can cause serious accidental harm to you or someone else, if you do not know how to properly use them.

Throwing knives are short, small, and sometimes circular knives that are designed to be thrown at a target, or used for self defense from a distance. These knives vary in appearance but can be quite useful when presented with an endangering situation approaching you.  

Things to look for in a good throwing knife are the thickness of the blade, its weight in your hands (you don’t want a heavy blade when throwing) and its pointiness at the tip. A sold throwing blade will be sharp only at its point and not the edges, but some do have blades that are sharpened on both sides for added damage.

These knives are not recommended for anyone just wanting to feel safe walking around and have never had any practice or education on their use.  There are many techniques to how to hold them properly and throw them in a manner where you don’t miss and accidentally cut your arm.  But if you’re someone who knows what they're doing, definitely check out these great knives we have here


For those of you who find knives to be a little less appealing or even intimidating at first, perhaps a good old Baton will do the trick!

We’ve seen them be used by police officers, in movies, and maybe you’ve even thought about taking the bat to an intruder in your dreams. It’s easy, effective, and can now be added as a slick addition to your everyday purse or backpack. They are retractable into a socket, similar to an umbrella handle, and can be opened just by flinging your wrists forcibly (think dramatic Star Wars movement with a lightsaber). Not to mention, there's very minimal training needed to use it- (when in doubt, just beat them out!)

All in all, having a concrete self defense plan and weapon is very important, especially for solo travelers. Whether you decide to go with a knife, batton, or pepper spray, you are one step ahead in taking charge of protecting your life.  

Stay Safe Blade Babes!

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