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Self-Defense Items and Tips for Staying Safe

We want our Blade Babes to feel safe and confident in being able to live their day-to-day lives so we’d like to offer some recommendations for self-defense items you can get in our shop, as well as general tips on how to stay safe when living your daily routine.
Item Recommendations
If you’re first starting out in obtaining a self-defense tool, then a key chain defense set is perfect! They come in an array of colors, including pink and a fun rainbow tie-dye pattern, and feature 4 different safety tools. Just pop your keys on and you will always be prepared for anything.
If you are going on a walk or run or just won’t have a lot on you, the Belt Clip Stun Gun comes in pink and black and features a flashlight. It also comes with a charging cord so you won’t have to worry about buying and replacing batteries. In addition, a pair of knuckles are always a nice self-defense item to have on hand. They can be pretty intimidating at first but the Kitty Bites Back Knuckles are perfect for beginners and can be attached to keys easily so you can always have them wherever you happen to be.
Finally, if you want something small, simple, and discreet, the Folding Key Knife packs a punch. It can attach to your keys and is also perfect for day-to-day tasks such as opening mail or packages.
Staying Safe
While tools are always ideal and good to have on hand, it is also important to use your intuition and be familiar with your surroundings as much as possible. Never stay in parking lots for longer than needed and as you get into your car always lock your doors. If you enjoy walking or going for runs, stay in well-lit neighborhoods or try to find a friend who wants to join. Other ways to stay safe could mean taking some self-defense classes or getting a dog whose bark would deter anyone from messing with you.
We see horrifying news stories and amber alerts daily and often wonder “could that happen to me?” While it sounds exhausting having to always squeeze your keys or feel like you are limited in what you can do because of risking your safety, it can feel suffocating and unfair the pressure women feel to stay safe when doing something simple as going to the grocery store, being aware and keeping ourselves protected is key. Always look out for not only yourself but other women if you sense something isn’t right. It could save someone’s life. 
Blades For Babes values our community and wants our blade babes to be educated on how to use self-defense items. Refer to our Blade For Babe's social media for content on how to use items. Furthermore, please research and refer to your country/state's laws and regulations regarding any self-defense items before obtaining them. 

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