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Full Moon

A heavenly body that glows and glistens during the quietest time of night. The moon, and more specifically, the lunar phases, are powerful entities. Some would even say it’s a deity and has the answers to many questions. For centuries, people have used the moon’s energy for healing and it has played a big role in Paganism and Wicca. This article will give you a peek into the meaning behind the lunar phases and even a cheeky spell you can cast during the full moon!
Lunar Phases
The boring, scientific definition of lunar phases comes from NASA and reads, “The moonlight we see on Earth is sunlight reflected off the Moon's grayish-white surface. The amount of Moon we see changes over the month — lunar phases — because the Moon orbits Earth and Earth orbits the Sun. Everything is moving.” While that may be the standard definition of what happens, lunar phases, and particularly, the full moon has deeper meaning in folklore and mythology. Many Pagans and Wiccans celebrate full moons with Esbat. An Esbat is a Wiccan meeting that is used as a celebration of the full moon and held monthly. It is also a time to practice spells for “wholeness, children and mothers, families, psychic enhancement, and love”.
Full Moon Orgasms
Speaking of spells, did you know the power of an orgasm could help you to manifest your desires and intentions? Who knew we babes could be so powerful and able to cast spells? According to Sophie Saint Thomas from Allure, it’s true! Just open a window to have the light of a full moon shine through and have the best orgasm of your life. Think of it as making a wish and blowing out the candles of a Birthday cake! 
We hope this article gave you some insight into lunar phases, full moons, and how powerful they can be. This month try and find some ways you can celebrate the full moon whether it’s a powerful ritual or just reading more about it and gaining new knowledge about the topic. Let the moon guide you in all your endeavors babes!

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