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Different Types of Blade Styles

As the world continues to prove to us just how unsafe it is for women, we feel like it is our job to provide the tools you need to stay safe. What’s more, we feel it is also our job to make sure you babes stay educated on all things blade-related! Today we are going to look at a few different types of badass blade styles and what they’re used for. Every blade shape is crafted for a specific task so it is important to know what those are, especially if you’re going to be using them!
The first blade we’re looking at is a drop point blade. One of the most popular blade shapes today. They are durable, versatile, and effective for stabbing strikes. A drop point blade is pretty easy to identify: the blade slopes on the spine of the knife from the handle to the tip. The lowered tip adds to its strength and gives you way more control. It’s honestly such a cool all-purpose knife that can be used for nearly any situation. So whether you’re growing your collection or just opening another order from us, drop point blades are definitely a must! Our Swarovski Crystal Rainbow Folding Knife is a great drop point blade for our bougie babes! Bedazzled to the gods with a chromatic finish, this knife is flashy and functional. And for our more laid back babes, we have our gorgeous Gold Dust Woman Knife which includes a bottle opener that adds to how useful these blades already are. We’ll cheers to that!
Next we have a clip point blade, similar to the drop point, this blade is also really popular nowadays. The back edge of these little guys run straight from the handle, and about half way it concaves into a curve point. This cut out area is called the clip and it can be straight or curved! Commonly used for pocket knives and fixed blade knives, clip points can be very useful in tons of  different ways, making it a pretty dope blade to own! Clip points have an incredibly sharp point that’s easily controllable and perfect for piercing, and the belly (aka the cutting edge) is great for slicing. The Cannabis Queen Rainbow Knife is one of our favorite clip point knives featuring a cute lil leaf design. It is spring assisted with a pocket clip so you can hook it to your boots, pocket, bag, or bra and keep it with you wherever you go!
Hawkbill blades have a hooked shaped belly and a sharp point that looks kinda like a hawk’s beak, hence the name hawkbill! These blades are excellent work knives that are great for cutting through tougher objects like ropes, chords, cardboard boxes, you name it. Although the hawkbill looks similar to the karambit, they honestly couldn't be more different. Hawkbill blades have a straight handle instead of the curved ones you see on karambits. Hawkbills also have an arched spine which makes the blade tip thick and strong af, like our Tactical Rainbow Knife! You might also like our Shade of My Enemies Lipstick Knife that puts a glamorous spin on the hawkbill blade. Surprisingly, these blades are not technically made for self defense, but if it's all a bish has, give it your all sis.
Let’s talk stilettos, blades that is, also referred to as a needlepoint blade. These blades are thin and have a sharp point, like a sewing needle. They feature no belly, or cutting edge, for slicing because the main purpose of these blades is for piercing/stabbing. Stiletto blades are made from 2 symmetrical sharpened blades that taper off to an extremely sharp point, making it great for self-defense! One of our bestsellers is actually a stiletto, the Leather & Lace Garter Knife comes with not one, but TWO heart stiletto blades. They are easily concealed under a dress or skirt and can be easily withdrawn from their sheaths. These stilettos are perfect for everyday carrying to feel extra protected! We also have our Black Comb Stiletto Knife for discreet everyday carry. The sheath acts as a functional comb until you pull it off to reveal a slender dagger! Take that Chad...
Next, we have the straight-back blade. She’s a little basic, like most straight things in this world, but don’t underestimate her. Straight back blades have a minimalist look, but are so versatile! This blade has a completely straight spine with a belly that curves up to meet the tip. The long spine makes the blade heavy and sturdy for chopping, slicing, and stabbing. She can do it all! The blades are also typically easy to sharpen since they only have a single curve along the front. Our Standard Rainbow Knife is the perfect example of a straight-back blade, and a gorgeous one at that. Another ridiculously cute straight back blade you can find at Blades for Babes is our Folding Key Knife!
One of the most kickass knives we offer is our Karambit Knife, the ULTIMATE self-defense knife. The design of this knife can put people off which is understandable; it's pretty freakin intimidating. But when you start playing with it you’ll find out just how useful these guys are and become hooked (no pun intended)! Karambits are designed with a curved blade and a slightly curved handle with a finger hole. Our Pink Talon Necklace Knife is also a karambit! It comes with a pink sheath and a lanyard so you can carry it around your neck or in your bag. These knives are great for almost anything, from chores to work to self-defense, but they are especially great for close combat situations. Highly specialized for slashing and slicing, the belly is ridiculously sharp and in some cases, the spine of the blade will also be sharp. They tend to taper in towards the tip, giving them a slender and razor-sharp point. Basically what we are saying is this is a badass blade for some badass babes!
Tanto blades, like our Rainbow Soul Knife, are very easy to identify. Inspired by the short swords that were worn by samurais in Japan, tantos have a high point with a flat grind that leads to an extremely strong point. In other words, it has a triangular tip that is strong af! This makes it specifically designed to stab into harder materials. These blades don’t have a belly so they’re not really ideal for slicing; they’re primarily used for stabbing and maybe slashing in an emergency situation. Probably one of the coolest features of this blade is the fact that its thick points can absorb the impact from repeatedly piercing a harder target, which would make a basic blade break! Even though tantos are not recommended for everyday carry, if you are in need of a solid self-defense weapon to feel safe, we think the tanto is the best bet. Come to think of it, many tactical and fighting blades use a tanto edge, so it would be super useful in protecting yourself!
All of these blades are incredibly useful, and you can find so many more on our site in so many different styles! The world can be a scary place, especially for women, but you don’t need to feel helpless. You are a bad bitch who deserves the perfect badass blade to keep her safe!  
Which blade do you see yourself carrying?

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