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8 Top Defense Products From Our Store!

Welcome to our crash course review of the 8 hottest products we sell! 

If you’re someone who wants to feel more safe and secure while out living your best boss life, here is a list of our non-knife related items we recommend the most. 

Window breaker

Just as it sounds, this is built with the destruction of windows in mind. Don’t underestimate this bad boy's ability to not only crash the glass, but kick some ass. 


These are easy to carry on your fingers or even as a keychain when walking to your car or home by yourself. It’s safer, sturdy, and far more effective to use in an emergency than your basic house keys sitting between your fingers. 


Small and inconspicuous that can be hidden in a bag, this baton holds the force to hurt far worse than any bat. 

Self Defense Whistle 

This design came to mind as a more discreet whistle than the ones you remember from high school gym class. This powerful blow will send any mother fucker coming your way to think twice and go. 

And for those of you who are interested in carrying a shaper aesthetic on your person… * for the experienced knife enthusiasts only! 


These throwers are fantastic for keeping creps at a distance and scared for their loser lives. 

Comb Blade

We love that this is a secret weapon that can blend perfectly in any purse or backpack, for the unexpected attacker in your vicinity. 

Fixed Knives Set

These are the OG favorites for making attackers think twice about moving closer to you. They are less discreet for a reason and require a proper holster and or sheath to hold them out and about. 

Butterfly Knife

And finally, for the blade babes who like the artistic and skillful practice of such weapons, the famous butterfly blade will not disappoint. This is less commonly used for emergency self defense, as it requires a load of skill and technique for proper use, but nonetheless is beautifully designed and terrifying to those who know less than to bother you. 

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